Manuka honey benefits are pretty well known. It is loaded with up to 4 times the vitamins and minerals of other honey.  These are believed to provide some healing properties and other manuka health benefits.  Because of these properties, many uses for Manuka have been found. But what about some of the lesser-known or more unconventional uses? We’re going to take a look at some ways you can benefit from this wonderful natural resource that you may not have thought of.

Manuka is a unique product in and of itself. It has garnered itself a bit of a cult following internationally thanks to the many health benefits and other unique properties it provides. 

Other than the useful benefits of Manuka Honey, it is quite distinctly different in other ways. Its taste, texture and colour differ quite a bit from other types of honey and these unique profiles have allowed the Manuka industry to grow into what it is today.

What’s the buzz with Manuka honey?

You’ve probably heard it all before when the winter chills come, make yourself a cup of hot water with honey and lemon. As much as it comes across as one of those made up remedies, honey, specifically Manuka honey actually has healing properties.

Manuka Honey Benefits

Winter is coming. That means your immune system is going to be put to the test, fighting off viral infections left, right and centre. You can help your immune system and drastically increase your chances of fighting off illness with some simple dietary changes. There are actually some foods with proven immunity-boosting properties, including pure NZ Manuka Honey! In this article, we’ll take a look at the Manuka Honey benefits, as well as some other foods, and see how they can help you in your fight against illness this winter!

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